Co-designing a technology-assisted parenting program for parents with mental health issues, to prevent child internalising problems

This PhD project will investigate the usefulness and acceptability of a technology-assisted parenting intervention in supporting parents with mental health issues, to prevent child depression and anxiety. This project will be led by a multidisciplinary team from Monash University and IPC Health with expertise in parenting, mental health, digital interventions, co-design, human-computer interaction and health service design and delivery.

The aims of this PhD project are to:

  1. Review the existing evidence on parenting and parenting interventions for parents with mental health challenges, to determine effective strategies for supporting parents and improving child mental health.
  2. Consult with parents living with mental health issues, and IPC Health service providers who work with these parents, to understand the lived experience of key stakeholders and identify how a technology-assisted parenting program could be sustainably and appropriately integrated into existing IPC Health services.
  3. Co-design a technology-assisted parenting intervention for parents with mental health challenges, in partnership with parent end-users and IPC Health service providers, incorporating evidence-based parenting guidelines and the lived experience of stakeholders at the heart of the program.
  4. Conduct a pilot evaluation of the co-designed intervention via IPC Health services, to explore the program’s acceptability and perceived effectiveness in improving parenting factors and child internalising problems, as well as its long-term feasibility.

This project will commence in February 2021 at Monash University under the supervision of A/Prof Marie Yap.


PhD Candidate: Meg Bennett

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