Getting adversity on the agenda

The newly established National Child and Family Hubs Network offers the opportunity to consider how hubs can become important ‘front doors’ to drive equitable access and quality service delivery across Australia. The Network aims to:
  • build collective capacity by linking hubs across Australia to support a shared language, networking, and collective learning
  • define child and family hubs and develop a common approach across Australia based on evidence informed core components
  • develop an implementation and outcomes framework for hubs, and 
  • develop and advocate for sustainable funding models to ensure optimal investment of Australia’s public dollar.
Through this work the Network will enable the vision of all families being able to walk through a hub’s welcoming front door and receive the right care and support for their child and family at the right time, leading to improved and equitable health and development outcomes.

Honisett S., Cahill R., Callard N, Eapen V., Eastwood J., Goodhue R., Graham C, Heery L.,
Hiscock H., Hodgins M., Hollonds A., Jose K., Newcomb D., O’Loughlin G., Ostojic K., Sydenham E., Tayton S., Woolfenden S. and Goldfeld S. (2023). Child and family hubs: an important ‘front door’ for equitable support for families across Australia. National Child and Family Hubs Network.


Do Australian policies support the primary health care system in identifying adversity?

We undertook a scoping study to determine whether Australian policies support the primary health care system to identify family adversity and subsequently support these families. To learn about our findings, check out this publication:

Honisett S, Loftus H, Liu HM, et al. Do Australian policies enable a primary health care system to identify family adversity and subsequently support these families - a scoping study. Health Promotion Journal of Australia : Official Journal of Australian Association of Health Promotion Professionals. 2022 Nov. DOI: 10.1002/hpja.684. PMID: 36448724.

A PDF research snapshot is also available here.


CRE symposium

The CRE will be hosting a Consensus Workshop on “What Should Australia Do to Reduce Childhood Adversity?” in Melbourne on 15-16 June 2023.   

The Workshop will discuss what the health, education, justice and social welfare sectors can do the prevent adverse childhood experiences or ameliorate their impact on children and families. Participants from academic, practitioner and policy sectors will attend and share their knowledge.

We look forward to sharing the outputs of this workshop with you!

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