Parenting support

To further support Child and Family Hubs, parenting support is a critical component. In addition to 'other evidence based strategies' outlined in 'How to Act', please find additional information and support below:

Parenting Strategies. The Parenting Strategies website has been put together to help parents manage some challenging issues they may face with their children, including depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. The team have developed guidelines outlining how parents can protect their children from depression and anxiety problems. Click here to access the guidelines.

Raising Children Network. The Raising Children Network is a useful website for parents of children aged 0-18. The website provides ad-free parenting videos, articles and apps backed by Australian experts.

Beyond Blue's Healthy Families. The Healthy Families website was developed by Beyond Blue to support parents and  caregivers of children. The website has information about raising resilient children, what services are available, early warning signs and coping strategies.

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) is a free, evidence-based parenting program. Triple P aims to help families feel confident in their parenting and in turn raise happy and confident children.

Raising Healthy Minds App is a free app that answers questions about child wellbeing and shares practical tips for day-to-day family life.


Below is a series of webinars and podcasts that families may like to listen to. These cover a range of topics from helpful parenting techniques to steps parents can take to help support their child or adolescents mental health. The resources are led by key experts in the field...

Supporting children's mental health during the pandemic and beyond - CRE investigators, Dr Ric Haslam (Director of Mental Health at The Royal Children’s Hospital), Professor Harriet Hiscock (Paediatrician and lead investigator) and Dr Alice Morgan (Clinical Psychologist) recently presented a webinar with practical advice about how to support children’s mental health during the pandemic and beyond.

Listen to @DrBillyGarvey podcast which draws on the popular Christmas movie 'Home Alone' to chat about parenting techniques! Listen here:

Puka Up - Your Weekly Wellbeing Conversation: Adolescent Mental Health & Parenting - Prof. Harriet Hiscock & Prof. Vicki Anderson on Apple Podcasts


What resources can local health providers draw on to support families?

Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY)                                          

ARACY is a unique organisation. It performs the unique role of bringing people and knowledge together and helping to put both to work to grow capability across the sector, influence decision making and catalyse collective action.

The Parenting Research Centre

The Parenting Research Centre help children thrive by driving new and better ways to support families in their parenting. They provide a number of programs to support practitioners who work with families.

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