Resilience in Childhood Adversity, a Mixed Method Assessment of System Barriers

The PhD project aims to:

  1. Determine main systems barriers to accessing support for children and families living with adversity
  2. Explore parents’/caregivers’ (i) experiences of, (ii) and challenges in navigating the health system
  3. Explore service providers’ challenges in (i) identifying children living with adversity or (ii) referring families living with adversity to services
  4. Implement and evaluate an intervention to address main system barrier for children living with adversity

The project is broken up into the following three parts:

Part A: Identification of System Barriers

  • Semi-structured interviews with stakeholders and families
  • Qualitative analysis of interviews to identify barriers for both identification of children living with adversity and barriers for interventions for adversity

Part B: Prioritization of Barriers

  • Focus groups with stakeholders
  • Case vignettes will be presented to the focus group to illustrate the system barriers identified in Part A. Prioritization of barriers will be undertaken in the focus groups

Part C: Addressing the Systems Barriers

  • An intervention to address the prioritized system barriers will be executed within the Wyndham IPC Child and Family Hub
  • Analysis of the outcomes will use both qualitative and quantitative data. 

This PhD project is being undertaken at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute and The University of Melbourne under the supervision of Professor Harriet Hiscock

PhD student: Dr Sarah Loveday

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