2. Plan and prepare

  • Choose implementation strategies:
    • Choose an appropriate stakeholder engagement process to ideate and test strategies to drive implementation. Depending on how much flexibility there is in the context/organisation, this might involve co-designing with key stakeholders or consulting on how to adapt the Hub elements for the context. Utilising a consistent group to work through processes from 1-4...
      • Develop an implementation plan.
      • Decide how to monitor implementation quality and effectiveness:
        • PDSA cycles
      • Build readiness to use the program:
        • Use implementation strategies, such as training, adapting existing resources (PER, We Care, FPM)
        • Assess readiness with Readiness tool – checklist?


What is co-design?

Co-design is the active involvement of a diverse range of participants in exploring, developing, and testing responses to shared challenges (Blomkamp, 2018).

To hear about our Co-design experience, please checkout the video below:

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3. Initiate and refine

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