Associate Professor Marie Yap

Dr Marie Yap is an Associate Professor (Research) and Psychologist with expertise in parenting and youth mental health. Her research interests in parenting are two-fold: 1) increasing our understanding of specific family processes and the mechanisms by which they influence young people's mental health; and 2) translating existing research evidence into credible, accessible resources for parents to help them reduce the risk and impact of mental health problems in their child. She leads the award-winning web-based Parenting Strategies program, which was developed to provide parents with actionable strategies endorsed by research evidence and experts in the field to help them protect their child's mental health. The Parenting Strategies platform comprises a suite of individually-tailored web-based programs to support parents' implementation of these evidence-based strategies. Dr Yap is the inaugural Secretary and one of the founding members of the Alliance for the Prevention of Mental Disorders, National Co-Convenor of the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) Prevention Science Network, and Deputy Editor of the Mental Health & Prevention journal.

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